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Latest on the Blog

How to Pitch for a Guest Spot on a Podcast + Podcast Pitch Kit

There’s an endless number of reasons why it is advantageous to get a guest spot on the right podcast. For some coaches, nonprofits, and influencers it’s literally a business-changer. You get to promote your business, showcase your expertise, and tap into a new...

14 Tips and Strategies for Growing your Instagram Following in 2020

You’ve heard all of the stories and taglines by now: how to grow your Instagram to 1 million followers in 90 days, how to triple your follower count overnight, and our personal favorite (because it’s so ridiculous) how to buy followers without being penalized (ah-hem,...

3 Must-Ask Questions to Create a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Most Nonprofit organizations struggle with the same core problem: how do we get our message out there and help as much as possible, with such a shoestring budget? This is why marketing your nonprofit in the most efficient way possible is vital. These are the 3 go-to...